The market for Bio Based Products in the food sector is increasing rapidly. Products and ingredients based on plants are part of a growing new economy for consumers of today. Since as early as 2006 Dutch scientists have been working on the development of a bio based sulphite replacer.

Chemical sulphite, originated out of sulphur, is used in many processed food products and in wine as an anti oxidant.

Sulphite belongs globally to the top 5 allergens which results in heartbeats, skin disease, anaphylaxis and trachea problems.

The winemarket

In a €254,75 Billion market, 97% of the world wine producers are still relying on synthetic preservatives such as sulphites, while consumers’ demand for wine and food without artificial ingredients is increasing. Currently, producers do not have any natural solutions on the market that can fully replace the use of sulphites, thus there is an unmet consumer need.