The company is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of individuals with expertise managing businesses with commercial, financial or scientific background (chemical and food). Their knowledge of the wine industry and contacts in the sector will be key for a successful commercialisation.

Team profiles

Ferencz Deli, director and co-founder of Natural4Sure.
Ferencz is a serial entrepreneur, has a business background and is also founder of previous companies such as Terra Vitis Group B.V., Terra Vitis Innovation B.V. (related to the world of wine) or Deli-Pesquet Holding B.V.
His experience managing companies and contacts in the wine industry will be valuable to lead the commercial tasks involved.

Rolf van Milligen, director and co-founder of Natural4Sure.
Rolf has a financial background and brings more than 25 years of experience, is the co-founder and CFO of Terra Vitis Group B.V. and of Terra Vitis Innovations B.V. and is the owner of TMC Veronique Holding B.V..
Mr.van Milligen has the skills needed to lead 4Sure’s project financial tasks.

Apart from the founders and the CEO, the technical team is constituted by experts in different areas such as chemical engineering, food technology and the science of winemaking; disciplines combined with their business knowledge and experience managing companies, as they are founders and owners of different companies (e.g. EcoTreasures) or are involved with other renown companies (e.g. Unilever) and renown Universities in the area of Food science (e.g. Wageningen University). Our technical team is constituted by:

Kris Schatteman, (Managing Director Eco Treasures), Albert Zwijgers (Previous senior Food technologist at Unilever and currently lecturer of Innovation in Food at HAS Den Bosch (University of applied sciences)), Frederik Mollet, Johan Marijnissen and Hans Clarijs (all scientists).